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Privacy & Policies

Students of Los Angeles City College Extension are generally governed by the same rules and regulations, as well as rights and protections of students enrolled in the college for credit-granting classes, except where fundamental differences between the types of classes may exist (e.g. no transcripts/grades for LACC Extension classes). Los Angeles City College's most up-to-date policies can be found at and/or in the most recent college catalog.

The section below represents the most up-to-date information specifically about Los Angeles City College Extension's official policies, which may be updated from time-to-time. All persons registered for LACC Extension offerings are subject to these policies. Some offerings may allow visitors, guardians, spectators, etc. not registered as students. These persons are not necessarily entitled to the same protections or rights as registered students and must comply with Los Angeles City College and legal rules for conduct, as well as offering-specific rules as they pertain to individual offerings.

Privacy & Personal Information
Personal, identifiable information is collected and maintained in our customer relationship management (CRM) system and related databases when students register for classes, create online accounts with LACC Extension, sign up for email or other distribution lists, etc. LACC Extension generally adheres to LACC's "Student Records & Directory Information" policy as outlined here, except where LACC Extension differs fundamentally from LACC's credit-granting and Noncredit instructional modalities as defined by the California Education Code, California Code of Regulations or other applicable law or regulation. For example, LACC Extension is required by law to keep a separate registration database system from the credit and noncredit instructional division of the college.
By submitting your information to LACC Extension, you agree to be contacted by Los Angeles City College in the future for matters related to your registration(s). This includes, but is not limited to communications about your transaction, schedule changes, class location, information related to class content, or to offer you the opportunity to give your feedback about the offering you attended. As part of the California Community Colleges system, LACC Extension is required by law to maintain records of enrolled students, but requests made in writing to alter this database will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in light of our legal records-keeping requirements.

LACC Extension also utilizes customer student contact information as part of our outreach/marketing efforts. If you do not opt out of our outreach/marketing list at the time of registration, you additionally agree to receive email, phone or mailed communications from time-to-time which LACC Extension feels may be of interest to you. These outreach/marketing efforts generally include, but are not limited to one or two emails per quarter notifying students of upcoming registration dates and highlights, discount and promotional offers for our class offerings, or news/updates about the program.
Customer students can opt out of being contacted by us as part of our outreach/marketing efforts at any time by sending an email to or by editing your online user profile. We value the personal information of our customers and will make every effort not to violate your privacy.

Sign Up Early!
Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, please make every effort to register prior to the start date of the class. Because of the unique nature of LACC Extension class offerings, we are required to cancel those that do not have sufficient enrollment to support the full cost of the class. Early registration ensures that we have accurate information about each offering's ability to go forward. Payment of class fees and applicable materials fees is expected prior to student attendance, unless otherwise agreed to by Los Angeles City College Extension, and which is at the discretion of LACC Extension.

Online Registration
View our class listings online, select your courses and check out using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Supplies and Equipment
Minimum enrollment is required to run classes. Please confirm class status before purchasing any supplies or renting any equipment.

Students registered for LACC Extension classes may purchase a parking permit for $10. Parking permits are non-refundable. All vehicles parked in an authorized campus parking lot must display a valid permit at all times. Overnight parking is prohibited. Permits must be properly displayed hanging from the rear view mirror, facing out or facing up on the driver's side of the dashboard. Improperly displayed permits will result in citation. A permit does not exempt you from receiving a citation. It is your responsibility to properly display your permit. Students may also purchase a daily parking permit for $2 from the permit dispensing machines in parking lots 1 and 2.

LACC Extension classes are mandated by the State of California to be self-supporting based on student enrollment fees. As such, we reserve the right to cancel any class offering if the minimum number of student enrollments necessary to support it is not achieved. You will be notified no less than the day prior to the start of the first session if an offering will be cancelled by LACC Extension and offered either a transfer of your fees to another class offering or a full refund. It is therefore essential that your phone number and email is up-to-date and functional. Refunds will be processed by LACC Extension within 20-30 business days of cancellation and our attempt at contacting you and will be credited to the credit card account used or in the form of a check for cash transactions.

LACC Extension also reserves the right to change room location and or substitute instructors and will endeavor to contact you via phone and/or email prior to the scheduled meeting time with the updated information.

To transfer to another class, requests must be made in writing or via email at least more than 2 working weekdays before the first class meeting. Transfer requests will not be granted after the first class meeting. Please note, approved transfers are a one-time allowance and are subject to our general refund policy for the second class offering.

Credit Vouchers & e-Gift Cards
Students may receive an electronic credit voucher for the value of a class already registered for at no additional cost if the request is made in writing or via email more than 2 working weekdays before the first class meeting. These vouchers are nonrefundable and expire after 1 year.

Electronic gift cards purchased prior to registration do not expire, but registrations using all or part of an e-gift card are subject to our standard Cancellation, Transfer, Credit Voucher and Refund policies as applicable.

Refunds - Choose carefully!
All requests for refunds or transfers must be made at least two days before the start of class and are subject to a $10 cancellation fee per class. There are no refunds nor transfers granted after the 48-hours prior to class. Transfers are limited to once per class.

Important information: Refunds ARE NOT issued for absences nor prorated for late registration. Missed class meetings may not be made up in another class. Class offerings may not be audited.

Class/Offering Content, Times
Descriptions of LACC Extension offerings content as described in the print catalog, online or elsewhere is summary information or an approximation. Actual class/offering content may vary slightly at the discretion of the instructor according to variables including, but not limited to: the nature of the classroom/facility assigned; individual or collective student needs; time constraints; updated curriculum. Additionally, allowances for student arrival/departure, setup/cleanup, etc. have been made within the advertised timeframe of most classes. As a result, students should not expect instruction/activities to begin exactly on the posted hour/minute advertised for any particular offering. Nevertheless, our instructors will endeavor to begin and end their substantive content as close to listed times as possible.

Awards of Completion, Verification of Attendance

Students may request an Award of Completion for any of our LACC Extension classes for just $10. At least 90% of the class must be attended. This award denotes your participation in 90% or more of the class and cannot be used for credit toward a degree, transfer or certificate as defined by the California Education Code and does not address student performance or acquisition of skills/information.

Informal verification of student registration may be made to third parties at the request of the student, and at the discretion of the LACC Extension Manager. No warranty will be made for student attendance or percentage of class/offering content completion without prior purchase of an Award of Completion.

Classes for Kids
Parents and other adult family members may be welcome or prohibited from any given class. Please inquire with our office if you are not sure. We require recording of the birth date of students under 18 at the time of registration. All minor children should be picked up promptly at the end of class. Minor students not picked up immediately after the conclusion of class may result in a fee of $20 for every 15 minutes after the conclusion of class being charged to the parents/guardians and students may be taken to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office on-campus (first floor Administration Building) for their own safety.

A Release and Medical Consent form will be sent along with your confirmation letter. Complete and return this form to the instructor at the first class. Go to, and a copy of the release form will be included at the time of registration.

Swimming and other aquatic activities will only be cancelled due to inclement weather due to lightning, hail or rain of a sufficient intensity such as to limit visibility to 10 meters. LACC Extension staff reserves the right to cancel/postpone classes for safety reasons. There are no make-ups for missed classes unless it is the result of a decision by LACC Extension staff.

LACC endeavors to maintain a pool water temperature of 80-85 degrees to support a multiplicity of activities, but temperature on any given day or time may vary due to factors beyond our control. Due to rapid body heat-loss, small children may need to have their total time in the water limited at the discretion of the instructor/life guards for the safety of the child. It is recommended that parents provide small children with a "swim shirt" or a wet suit to address this issue. Parents and family members of minor students present in the pool area are limited to 2 per student while capacity is available.

Classes/offerings through LACC Extension at the Swimming Pool require a release and waiver. Locker rooms, shower and toilet facilities are available to LACC Extension swimming students, though lockers may not be. Los Angeles City College and LACC Extension is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings. No photography or video is permitted in the swimming pool area for the safety and privacy of students. LACC Extension staff and lifeguards reserve the right to prohibit or eject any person from the swimming pool area for safety and disruption concerns.

Food is not permitted in the pool area. Water in a sealable plastic container is permitted.

Release & Waivers
When attending a class for a trip off-campus, LACC requires all participants carry medical/accident insurance, and does not provide this coverage. All participants are required to sign a liability waiver prior to departure.

LACC Extension abides by all state and federal laws and regulations related to accessibility for students with a disability. If you have a disability for which you think accommodations may be necessary to participate in one of our offerings, we encourage you to discuss it with our staff at the time of registration or directly with the instructor. Early notice of students' disability accommodation requirements may be especially important for us to plan for accommodations for our short-term or single-day offerings.

Publication & Web Content Disclaimer
LACC Extension provides content that is frequently updated and improved upon. New content will be added as it is available. Although we will attempt to keep information within our publications accurate, the accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed. All parties providing information on the LACC Extension publications warrant that the copying, distribution and use of such materials will not violate any other party's proprietary rights. The seals and logos of Los Angeles City College are copyrighted and may not be used in electronic or written publications without the express permission of Los Angeles City College and the Los Angeles Community College District.

Any references, links or other references to non-LACC entities, businesses, individuals or information are provided as a courtesy. They should not be construed as an endorsement by LACC Extension, Los Angeles City College, or the Los Angeles Community College District of the content or views of the provided content.