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Submitting a new course is easy. Just fill out these two forms.

1) New Course Proposal Form
(about the course)

2) Instructor Profile Form
(about you)

NOTICE: Due to staffing constraints, our LACC Extension staff will contact you only if your course proposal is approved.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Use the above links to submit your course proposal and personal qualifications.

Please direct questions or concerns to:

Los Angeles City College Extension Program provides a full range of not-for-credit classes and programs designed to meet the educational, social, recreational, cultural, and civic needs of people in the college community.

We are always searching for new instructors who have fresh ideas for new and interesting courses.  If you are interested in teaching LACC Extension classes please fill out and submit a New Course Proposal Form and the Instructor Profile Form, and upload a current resume.

You may be considered to teach a new class proposed and created by you, or to teach an advertised class for which you have specific related experience and competence. Applicants are contacted as needed. All class proposals are added to a database for consideration.

Please review our catalogs to prevent any duplication of classes or programs in your proposal. Unless it is explicitly stated as to why your proposal is unique over a current class we offer, it will not be considered. Thank you very much for your interest in the Los Angeles City College Extension Program.