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For Businesses

Customized Training Solutions
For Businesses

Attention Employers, Clubs, Organizations, etc.:

Looking for customized, effective, low-cost training for your company or business? Eliminate the hassle and beat the traffic! Call LACC Community Services today to set up your customized training solutions! Let us travel to you and offer training in just some of the following areas:

Computer Software and Applications

PC or Mac, Microsoft Windows or Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Graphic Design with Photoshop, and more.

Bookkeeping and QuickBooks

Learn to balance the books using the standard in bookkeeping and tax software.

LA Food Handlers Certification

Don't get shut down because of a simple certification mishap. Get the training approved by the American Culinary Federation and the LA County Health Department.

Cal/OSHA Certification Training

Get certified in the construction and health safety of your business.

CPR - Certification for Infants & Adults

If an employee—or more importantly—your client becomes unconscious, your staff will be well-trained in giving CPR.

Becoming a Notary Public

Learn the duties and requirements, prevent lawsuits, consult immigrants and disabled veterans.

Learn how to speak Spanish

Your staff will become an even more valuable asset after learning another language. Expand your customer base by being bi- or trilingual.

Security Guard Certification

With the growth of your business comes demand for greater security. Train your people to be Security Guard-certified.

Language and Grammar Improvement

Reach out to your clients more effective by speaking more effectively. Improve your language and grammar.

Don't see a class for you? No Problem!

We are flexible and can work with you to find that class or training topic for you and your group! Call us to find out more!

Our office is just one phone call away: 323.953.4000 x2651. Our friendly and helpful staff will assist you get started on building your training solution with our highly experienced and competent instructors.